TPS Diamond Jubilee Day


Wednesday 20 June was a very special date in the TPS calendar – the school’s Diamond Jubilee, celebrating 60 years since it opened in 1958!

It was a busy day: the school bands provided musical entertainment in the band stand at break and lunchtime; there was a TPS quiz with fiendish questions about the school and its history, and the kitchen baked and donated a fabulous TPS birthday cake to be shared.

There were also thank-you cards to teachers and preparations for a time capsule, which will be buried on Friday.  The school is leaving instructions for the time capsule to be opened in 60 years’ time in 2078 and it will contain letters from students about life at TPS today, photos of the past year at school, and newspapers from 20 June 2018.

And to top the day off, the entire school gathered on the playing field in a “TPS” formation for an aerial drone photo and video.

Principal, Mark Marande, said, “It has been a fantastic day and we should have some excellent footage and photos of everyone out on our playing field.  It is not very often that we are able to bring the whole school together for an event such as this.  A special thank you to our dedicated members of staff who arranged the event.  We can do it all over again for our 70th Platinum anniversary!”

Some interesting facts about TPS:

  • Mark Marande is only the fifth head of the school since 1958: Mr E C Young 1958-71; Mr Dennis Jack 1971-1990; Mrs Kathy Bell 1990-2001; Mr Nigel Poole 2001-2016.
  • Mr Llewellyn was a History teacher and the youngest teacher in 1958, born in 1934.
  • The TPS blazer used to be navy until Mrs Bell changed it to maroon.
  • The average cost of a house in The Spain in 1958 was £2,500

Some former students commented:

“I was one of the original pupils who moved from St Peters road to the new school, it was great then, but I know it is even better now.”

“Happy Birthday TPS, I can’t believe the Golden was 10 years ago, it seems like yesterday, we had a lovely day then.”

TPS parents added:

“Love it. How lovely to have taken part in this event and be able to look back at it in years to come.”

“What a lovely idea and a great memory for the pupils to have been involved in when they look back on their time at school”

Watch the full, amazing aerial drone video here