Rev. Colin Chambers, former Chaplain to Nelson Mandela addresses Y11


This week we welcomed The Rev. Colin Chambers, former Chaplain to Nelson Mandela on Robben Island, South Africa to Bohunt Liphook.

Reverend Chambers gave pastoral care to Nelson Mandela for over 12 years whilst inside the prison and today he gave a motivational speech to our Yr 11’s just before the start of their GCSE’s. Schools from across the Bohunt Trust came to hear Mr Chambers talk to the students at the start of their BET ‘Securing 4’ day, a workshop aimed at getting the very best out of our students.

Having been inspired by Mr Mandela’s determination inside the prison for the 27 years of his captivity, Mr Chambers focused on his 3 keywords for life, these being ‘determination’, ‘begin’ and ‘finish’ as, without one of these, the other’s are hard to achieve.

Rev. Chambers inspired the students with quotes from Mr Mandela, helping them learn more about themselves and finding their ‘inner strength’ in times of increased stress before their exams.

“I never lose, I either win or learn a valuable lesson” Nelson Mandela

Finally, Mr Chambers was delighted to share an image with the Trust for any student who might have been interested, a picture from the back cover of his Holy Bible, signed by Mr Madela in 1981.