Mandarin Excellence Programme (MEP) Intensive Learning activities day


For the fourth year running, three BET schools; Bohunt School Liphook, Bohunt Worthing and The Petersfield School have participated in an intensive ‘Mandarin Excellence in School’ learning activities day, initiated and sponsored by the DofE and the British Council.

On Wednesday 22 January, students across BET who learn Mandarin in school celebrated the Chinese New Year 2020 with language and cultural activities.  Over 250 students joined in with the activities which included calligraphy, Chinese brush painting, paper cutting, Chinese Kung Fu and traditional dumpling making.




In the afternoon, the Mandarin GCSE classes of Y9 to Y13 at Bohunt School Liphook joined students from the other schools to enjoy student performances and a music concert by the British rock band TRANSITION. The band are famous for playing rock music with Chinese lyrics and they already have over three million YouTube views for their Mandarin song ‘Sorry My Chinese is not good’. Transition delighted the students with their special appearance at the school.



Head of Mandarin at Bohunt School in Liphook and Bohunt Education Trust Mandarin Coordinator Rose Ren said, “The MEP Intensive Learning Day is an important part of the BET MEP project. It is designed to consolidate language skills and motivate cultural learning. As well as allowing students to experience an intensive day spent practising Mandarin, the day offers many opportunities for cultural immersion.”


Sarah Bean, Mandarin teacher at Bohunt School said, “My tutor group had a fantastic day and enjoyed all the activities. They were really into the Kung Fu and a few asked where they could join a club! Many songs were pizza themed (we just started learning food!) They definitely enjoyed the band, I think I can expect to hear a lot of ??? and ??? (their favourite songs) this week and beyond!”


Aman, a year 8 student from Bohunt Worthing said, “I thought it was great to look at the different parts of Chinese culture. It is a nice experience when learning Mandarin.”  Ryan, also a year 8 student from Bohunt Worthing said, “I thought it was a great opportunity for us to meet students from across BET and develop our cultural understanding and Mandarin skills. Bohunt Liphook was fun because of the workshops provided.”

With future events like this scheduled across the Trust, there is clear emphasis on the importance given to studying Mandarin and the Trust’s commitment to deliver the best standard for its students.  Complete immersion in the language from Year 7 until the end of Year 11 enables students to reach their highest expectations, reflected in GCSE results and beyond.