Bohunt Worthing Celebrates Completion of First Bronze Award Cohort


In early December, Bohunt Worthing celebrated the completion of the School’s very first Bronze Award cohort, seeing 28 of the School’s Year 11s accepting their certificates. The awards recognised the hard work they carried out to complete not only their 2 day expedition, but also their Skills, Volunteering and Physical sections. Dylan Jackson and Lucy Poole spoke about their experience of carrying out the Award, with Lucy talking about how she was planning and looking ahead to her silver award this academic year.

Mr Imbert, Duke of Edinburgh co-ordinator, also took the time to recognise the hard work that the staff and parents who have volunteered to help run the award have put in this year. Mr Imbert spoke of the event with great pride in the students:

“I couldn’t speak highly enough about how fabulous Year 11s were during their Award, particularly on the expedition weekends. The way that they have conducted themselves in regards to the Award, along with the outstanding work the school staff and parent volunteers have done, has contributed to a huge interest in the DofE and a massive uptake amongst year 9 and 10 pupils completing Bronze. We now have 70 pupils in Year 9 completing their Bronze Award, with a further 37 pupils in Year 10. I hope this year is as fun and challenging as our inaugural year running the DofE Bronze, and that we find some exciting new opportunities for expeditions when looking to the silver participants.”

Parents who are looking for further training dates for their child should check updates from the school or follow the BSW DofE account @BSW_DofE.