Bohunt School Worthing’s Success Confirmed By Ofsted  



Students and staff at Bohunt School Worthing are celebrating today after receiving a glowing Ofsted report praising the leadership, student progress and culture of high expectations championed at the School.

The report commended Headteacher, Adam Whitehead, for establishing a “culture of high ambition” through his “enthusiasm and passion”, and praised the leadership team for setting the school “on a path of continual improvement”. The inspectors also recognised the overwhelming support of leaders from parents and carers.

Inspectors highlighted how the school’s sponsor, Bohunt Education Trust (BET), successfully delivers high-quality support and compelling challenge to leaders, as well as providing access to best practice sharing and professional opportunities for teachers across the network.

Ofsted recognised the school’s work to promote students’ personal development and welfare as “outstanding”, and noted how students feel safe and well cared for whilst at school.

The report also praised the positive culture surrounding the school, including staff feeling proud, valued and “committed to making sure that all students do well”. Inspectors highlighted how students responded well to their teachers’ high expectations and as a result, make strong progress.

The report also highlights:

  • Students make strong progress across a broad range of subjects, with achievement in the core English and maths subjects being particularly high.
  • Students are very well prepared for the next stage of their education. Leaders embed employability skills from Year 7 onwards, with a rich programme of visiting speakers, careers-based lessons and visits to universities and colleges to ensure students are “highly ambitious”.
  • As part of the school’s commitment to nurturing talents and opportunities, inspectors recognised how “students are carefully guided towards subjects that fit with their aspirations”. As a result, students are “enthusiastic and willing learners”.
  • The school’s rich curriculum provides students with a wide range of subjects, alongside enjoying a variety of educational visits and extra-curricular activities.

The report is the school’s first full Ofsted inspection since opening its doors in 2015.

Headteacher at Bohunt School Worthing, Adam Whitehead, said:

“We are delighted that all of the hard work, dedication and commitment shown by students, staff, parents, governors, BET and the local community since we first opened three years ago has been recognised in this glowing Ofsted report. 

“I would like to thank everyone who has contributed over the years to making Bohunt School Worthing the excellent learning environment that it is today, with exceptional opportunities for both students and staff. We look forward to continuing to build on the successes already achieved in the years to come.”

Chair of Governors, John Apsey, said:

“We are very pleased with Bohunt School Worthing’s Ofsted report today. It highlights the high-quality leadership, student progress, teaching, culture, personal development and extra-curricular opportunities that we are so proud to deliver for students at our school.

“The Board, leadership team and the whole school community are committed to continuing to drive the improvements and successes recognised by inspectors and look forward to doing so.”

Neil Strowger, Chief Executive Officer of Bohunt Education Trust commented:

“Bohunt School Worthing has gone from strength to strength since it was first opened in 2015 and today it is rightly a school with a strong reputation in the local area for delivering high quality education and opportunities to all its students.

“We are really pleased that its success has been confirmed by Ofsted and we look forward to working closely with the school as it continues on its journey towards Outstanding.”

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