Bohunt School Worthing Students’ Innovative Use of Technology


Bohunt School Worthing is proud to report on the success of its 1:1 iPad scheme.

This is in no small part to their team of student Digital Leaders. This group of students from years 7-10 are committed to pushing the school forward and getting value for money out of the iPads: they are an incredibly hard-working and motivated group of young people who offer help and advice to students and staff through drop-in services and in lesson support. This year, the team has met with key staff in school to identify ways in which the iPad scheme and the Digital Leader team can improve communication and reduce staff workload in school.

The Bohunt Times is a daily e-newspaper produced by the Digital Leader student team every morning and distributed prior to afternoon registration via the Google Classroom app. Staff send messages in to the team for communication to the entire student body. The Bohunt Times news team launched the school’s daily e-newspaper early this year and has almost completed 150 issues. Each day any messages from staff to the students are shared via the daily issues along with jokes, riddles, updates on the weather and current news stories relevant to students.

Following the success of the daily e-newspaper, the Digital Leaders expanded their brand and have recently launched The Bohunt Times Live, a newscast played via the Google Classroom app during registration time which uses the latest in green screen and video editing software to produce a professional broadcast with consistent branding apparent throughout the different media.

The Bohunt Times team continues to innovate and bring forward new ideas. In June 2018 , the team broadcast their first livestream via YouTube: a live cook along event to launch the school’s Healthy Eating Week initiative that has now had almost 600 views.

Bohunt School Worthing and Bohunt Education Trust are hugely proud of the work their students are doing to make the most of the technology available to them, and are extremely excited to see what the future holds for the team.

View the Bohunt Times’ livestream on the BET YouTube channel here.