Bohunt School Celebrates Outstanding GCSE Results



— Students soar above national average across the board – with three times as many top Grade 9s achieved as nationally —

Students, staff, parents and governors of Bohunt School in Liphook are today celebrating another year of outstanding examination results.

Overall, an incredible 80% of students at the school achieved a Grade 4 or better in English and in maths, with a 4 the new grade set by the Government as a pass, in the new, more challenging exams. This is well above the national average.

With strengths across the board, results in English and maths were particularly impressive, with 86% of students achieving at least a Grade 4 in English (well above the national average) and more than two thirds of students achieved a Grade 5 or higher –   defined by the Government as a “strong pass” or better.

There was also real success in maths, with 88% of the students achieving a Grade 4 or higher (again, well above the national average), and almost 70% of students achieving a Grade 5 or above. An astonishing 8% of students achieved a Grade 9 in maths, which is the highest grade attainable in the new grading system, which is broadly equivalent to a very high A*.

The proportion of Grade 9s per students at Bohunt School in Liphook was also approximately three times the national rate. In total, there were:

  • 15 Grade 9s in English Language
  • 16 Grade 9s in English Literature
  • 25 Grade 9s in Maths

Other subject areas that have achieved great success, with almost all students achieving at least a C or above, are Statistics (100%), Biology (98%), Physics (97%), Chemistry (96%) and Photography (94%).

Bohunt School is also celebrating the high number of students achieving the EBacc, which is the set of key academic subjects that universities and employers are most impressed by, with almost half the students who entered achieving it. This is particularly impressive, given that the pass grades for the EBacc have been increased for English and maths.

There were some outstanding individual success stories – three students highlighted below achieved 9s in all three subjects (English Language, English Literature and maths) – three of only 2000 students in the country who did so:

  • Ciara Macdonald, who achieved three Grade 9s in English Literature, English Language and Maths, 5 A*s, and 3 As.
  • Tristan Selvage, who is celebrating achieving three Grade 9s in English Literature, English Language and Maths, as well 3 A*s, and 4 As.
  • Louis Hamilton achieved an excellent set of results, with three Grade 9s in English Literature, English Language and Maths. He also achieved 3 A*s, 3 As and a B.

Many of the students at the school will be going on to study at the brand new Bohunt Sixth Form, which officially opens in September. The sixth form will see the innovative educational offering already in place at Bohunt Education Trust’s secondary schools continue through to the sixth form, whilst also providing superb, adaptive pastoral and academic support. Outstanding teaching from existing teachers and new staff specifically employed for Bohunt Sixth Form will support students to attain highly and achieve widely.

Bohunt School is rated Outstanding in every category by Ofsted, and inspectors in the latest report praised the way in which “GCSE results across almost every subject are much higher than those seen nationally”. The report also recognised how much students enjoy learning, and that they “appreciate and thrive on the carefully tailored and inspirational opportunities that the school provides”.

Neil Strowger, Headteacher at Bohunt School, said:

“We are incredibly proud of the excellent results that have been achieved today, which are a testament to the dedication, effort and hard work of our students and staff. At Bohunt School, we are committed to ensuring the achievement of every student, and we are delighted that our Year 11 students have achieved the brilliant results they deserve.

“It is an especially exciting year for all of us at Bohunt School, as many of this year’s cohort will be continuing their studies with us, at our brand new Bohunt Sixth Form which officially opens in September. We look forward to watching these students continue their educational journey with us to achieve further success.”

The results at Bohunt School in Liphook reflect another strong year of GCSEs achieved across Bohunt Education Trust, including at TPS (in Petersfield), where 79% of students gained a Grade 4 or better in English and in maths, well above the national average.