Bohunt Education Trust Showcase First Ever Joint Performing Arts Evening


Bohunt Education Trust (BET) held their inaugural cross-trust evening of dance and drama on Tuesday 1 May at The Petersfield School (TPS). The event showcased talent in dance and preforming arts across BET’s growing network of schools. It was a great platform for students to interact with each other, explore ideas and techniques and form new friendships.

Friends and family gathered at TPS’s Studio, a modern facility that hosts a wide range of events for all ages including dance classes and weekly film showings. The bill included 40 year 9 students from four BET schools including Bohunt Priory, TPS, Bohunt School and Bohunt Worthing.

The entertaining evening began with a modern dance routine called ‘Captive’ by TPS. The schools’ performances demonstrated a range of styles and genres from tap to street dance. The evening also included performances from drama students, including extracts from Romeo & Juliet (TPS) and progressively more modern pieces such as ‘Sparkleshark by Philip Ridley (Bohunt Worthing). Overall the crowd were treated to 15 thoroughly enjoyable performances.

All in all, the evening was seen as a great success by all involved and staff and students are eager to continue the tradition.

Freya Hillman (TPS) said,

‘The evening was an amazing experience. It was really fun to create a new dance and meet new people from all the other schools across the trust’

Roux Hardcastle (Worthing) said,

‘it was really fun working towards this evening and being able to perform in front of a crowd was great preparation for my GCSE Drama course.’

Phil Avery (BET Director of Education) said,

‘The whole event was a great success as it allowed students across BET to express themselves and engage with a crowd. It was great to see and hear about how rewarding the students found the experience and how excited they are for future opportunities like this. It is tremendously exciting that we will be hosting many more events like this.’

Mark Marande (Headteacher of TPS) said,

‘We were pleased to host this evening at TPS and I am extremely proud of all the students for representing BET to such a high standard of performing arts. The whole event ran seamlessly and it’s safe to say everyone involved left with a smile on their face. We look forward to the next cross-BET evening.’

For more information on TPS Studio, visit here.