A visit from former student Mr Steve Brine MP


Bohunt Trust is very proud to have welcomed Mr Steve Brine MP, Member of Parliament for Winchester & Chandler’s Ford, to Bohunt School today.

Mr Brine is a former student of the School, before going on to study at Highbury College in Portsmouth and later at The University of Liverpool.

Mr Brine talked to our students about his life at Bohunt and the journey which took him into politics, from radio journalist at local BBC radio stations to local government, becoming the Member of Parliament for Winchester in 2010.

Headmaster for Bohunt, Mr Neil Pittaway, said, “I am delighted to have welcomed Mr Brine back to Bohunt this morning. Visits like these help inspire students to see that individuals can achieve goals, at every step. We hope to show our students at Bohunt that achievement comes from determination and hard work, something that we like to prepare all our students for as they pass through the School. We always like to hear from past Alumni and look forward to hearing from Mr Brine in the future”.