BET Students Benefit from Chinese Style Teaching Methods


We are delighted to share the article published today in ‘China Daily’. 

Phil Avery, Director of Education for Bohunt Education Trust comments on the latest PISA scores and the Trust’s approach to developments in mathematical teaching methods.

Launched in 2000, PISA scores are country-specific and measure a typical 15-year-olds’ ability to use their reading, mathematical or science skills by answering questions that they may come across in everyday life.

The latest scores are indicative that the British system has made a positive move towards a Shanghai-style teaching method for maths in the UK. 


Neil Strowger, CEO of Bohunt Education Trust, said “It’s wonderful how well the four regions in China have done in the 2018 PISA tests. It’s also fantastic that China are willing to share their expertise in these important areas of education through teacher exchanges. Bohunt Education Trust has been teaching Mandarin and Chinese culture (a number of our schools teach all students Mandarin) and working with Chinese educational establishments for over five years and both sides have benefitted hugely.”

Philip Avery, Director of Education for Bohunt Education Trust, said “BET has benefitted from working with Chinese partners due to the very high quality of sequencing, lesson planning and teaching for memorisation in China. Our Chinese partners have benefitted from our approach to the development of character, focus on innovation and application of knowledge. In the future, we would like to see Bohunt and Chinese educators working together to run schools in the UK and China that are true collaborations striving for results that are even better than the individual systems can manage alone.”

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