BET Awards

We are thrilled to announce the BET Awards Finalists!

The BET Awards 2020 will celebrate the very best of BET and provide a chance to recognise the hard work, dedication and excellence given by our amazing staff.

The finalists in the BET Awards are:

BET Awards 2020 – Shortlist
Game Changer
George Peters Wokingham
Miranda Palmer Worthing
Chris Brooks Horsham
Kim Mees Liphook
Marketa Hamilton BET
Briony Palmer Worthing
Green Chicken School
Worthing Worthing
Wokingham Wokingham
Martin McPearson Worthing
Russell Shoebridge Worthing
Sam Mather TPS
Long Service
Gillian Hamilton-Jones Costello
Alison Kearns Costello
Monica Halliday Liphook
Sian Davies Priory
Sue Bloor TPS
Ann Kelly Costello
Debs Perdu Liphook
Laura Brooks Wokingham
Helen Blachford Priory
Outstanding Leadership
Georgette Ayling Horsham
Clare Hodgson Liphook
Chris Styllis TPS
Support Staff Team of the Year
DofE Co-ordinator Team BET
Sixth Form Admin Team Liphook
Priory Pastoral Priory
Trust First
Nigel Wright BET
Gary Leeson TPS/Liphook
Gary Green Virtual School
Raine Ryland BET
Liz Briggs Liphook


BET Awards 2020 – Shortlist – Teaching Categories
Arts or Expressive Arts
BET Visual Arts Team BET
Liphook EA Liphook
Deborah Lampard Liphook
English or MFL
Liphook English Liphook
Priory English Priory
TPS English TPS
Maths or Economics
Frankie Hodgson Wokingham
Wokingham Maths Wokingham
Rachel Day Worthing
TPS History Team TPS
Thom Bartlett Wokingham
Shafiq Hansraj Liphook
Gavin Stepney Liphook
Kieran Franklin Worthing
Michelle Grant Wokingham
New Teacher
Danielle Phillips Worthing
Olivia Stitt Priory
Jasmine Norton Worthing
Other, e.g. PE, Voc-Ed, Careers
Liphook PE Liphook
Costello Voc-Ed Costello
Joanna Miles TPS

There will be an additional award – the Chair’s Award. This award will be made at the discretion of Ray Morton, Chair of BET, to an individual, or a team, shortlisted in any of the award categories, considered to be truly outstanding.