BET Awards

We are thrilled to announce the BET Awards!

The BET Awards 2020 will celebrate the very best of BET and provide a chance to recognise the hard work, dedication and excellence given by our amazing staff.

Nominations are open until Friday 17 January 2020.

You can nominate individual colleagues, teams or yourself in the following categories (See category criteria for further information):

Game Changer of the Year Award Enjoy Respect Achieve (ERA) Award
Trust First Award Green Chicken School of the Year Award
Outstanding Leadership Award Long Service Award
Innovation Award Inspiration Award
Teacher of the Year Award Teaching Team of the Year Award
Support Team of the Year Award

There will be an additional award – the Chair’s Award. This award will be made at the discretion of Ray Morton, Chair of BET, to an individual, or a team, shortlisted in any of the award categories, considered to be truly outstanding.

How to make a nomination

We are encouraging staff to make video nominations of up to 60 seconds long. The video can include the staff member or team, or just you telling us why you think your colleague(s) should win.

Please upload your video entries to G Drive and share with: 

Alternatively, you can nominate online, by completing the form below.

IF YOU HAVE NOT SUBMITTED A VIDEO ENTRY, please tell us in your own words why you feel this nominee deserves a staff award (please answer in no more than 500 words). Please ensure evidence is provided - this should be qualitative and/or quantitative.

Who can nominate?

You can make a nomination if you are a member of staff, either individually or as a group. Your nomination should include examples of how your nominated individual, or team, has shown excellence in their work.

You can nominate:

  • any current team or member of staff from a teaching or associate/support team (with the exception of the teacher/teaching team of the year award)
  • yourself or your own team

How the winners are selected and notified

The judging panel, made up from a selection of personnel across the Trust, will meet in January 2020 to review all the nominations and select three shortlisted entries from each category. Shortlisted nominees will get a letter to let them know they have been shortlisted and inviting them to the Awards ceremony. With permission from staff, we will then publish the names of all shortlisted nominees on the Bohunt Education Trust website and share the news on social media on the night, using the hashtag: #BETawards2020

Presentation evening

Awards will be presented at the biannual Staff Awards Evening at The Studio at TPS on the evening of Friday 28 February 2020.

If you have any questions, please email: or

Good luck!