Learning & Teaching

Trust Vision

The highest expectations, an ethos of Enjoy Respect Achieve, unparalleled opportunity and highly effective teaching combine to develop students who are ‘game changers’.

Underlying this vision is our ethos of Enjoy Respect Achieve.

Game Changers

These are people who can not only do things well (defined widely; BET schools are not only preparing students for the world of work), but also look at how things are being done and make them better (again defined widely; more efficient, morally better etc.).

To be a game changer you need a body of knowledge in order to:

  • Have attained well in your exams
  • Be able to do whatever it is that you are doing well
  • Know about wider issues/contexts so that you are able to think about how things can be done differently in order to improve the wider world.

You also need a variety of attitudes and skills to be a game changer. In particular self-confidence, but also resilience, an understanding of the design process, high quality communication skills and a whole suite of softer skills such as creativity and leadership.

How we develop these skills, attitudes and bodies of knowledge in all our students is at the core of what we are doing with learning & teaching:

  • We have high expectations of all because it is important that all students have the opportunity to succeed in exams, develop self-confidence etc.
  • We differentiate so that all have access to challenging work that allows them to develop and learn
  • We provide extensive co-curricular opportunities, trips & visits because these are fantastic tools for developing attitudes, skills and knowledge
  • We all emphasise our own professional development and strive to innovate (do things differently with the purpose of improving student outcomes).
Effective Teaching

We are committed to innovation and are striving for an education system that goes beyond outstanding. However, this change and risk taking will not compromise the learners experience due to our teachers being compliant in the basics/red lines.

These basics/red lines will lead to good teaching. Staff will be supported to meet them. The basics/red lines will be rigorously monitored. The pay policy will reinforce them. Their simple, clear articulation will mean that directives around learning & teaching can be kept to an absolute minimum. This does not mean we are quiet about learning & teaching, rather it means that we give the space for all staff to have regular conversations about learning & teaching.

The aim is that the basics/red lines become habits so that our staff can dedicate their time and focus to going well beyond good teaching by continuously collaborating with others on their own (not programmes forced upon them) professional development. Their efforts will be supported by structured programmes (such as Collaborative Learning Clusters) and through the Bohunt Education Trust and TESLA Teaching School creating opportunities for talent development.

With regards to keystone habits and key initiatives, across the Trust and TESLA Teaching School, work is currently underway looking at the following areas:

  • 1-2-1 (Worthing)
  • STEM (Liphook, Worthing & Wokingham)
  • Immersion Language Teaching (Liphook)
  • Google Classroom (Priory)
  • Early Years (TESLA)
  • Challenging the More Able (Liphook & Priory).

Student outcomes from effective teaching

  • Progress that exceeds national expectations.
  • The highest quality behaviours for learning, including no low level disturbance.
  • The highest level of engagement.
  • The development of attitudes and ambition that prepare students to be ‘game changers’ in the future.
  • Deep learning, including following students’ own areas of interest.

How is Learning & Teaching Monitored?

The effectiveness of teaching cannot be monitored in any one way. What leaders look for is the triangulation of different indicators: learning walks, observations, attainment data, progress data and book scrutinies. To do this there is a robust process in place that involves many levels of leadership working together to analyse information, answer key questions, create action plans and ensure the actions are completed.

– note: the above diagram borrows heavily from work by the SSAT

The advantages of the Trust and the TESLA Teaching School to L&T

In a sentence it is the breadth and depth of opportunities for the professional development of individuals, not only of learning & teaching, but also with regards to their career and interests.

Everything BET and TESLA do links back to professional development, particularly of those who are keen to progress. This ensures the best outcome for students, staff, schools and the Trust.