Bohunt Trust

About Bohunt Trust

Bohunt Education Trust (BET) is an exceptional, aspirational, and innovative academy school sponsor based in the South of England. It runs schools in Liphook, Petersfield, Portsmouth, Wokingham and Worthing and will be opening a Sixth Form at Bohunt School Liphook in 2017.

Its first school, the high-achieving Bohunt Liphook is the Times Educational Supplement’s ‘Overall School of the Year’, rated Outstanding and has Teaching School status. This means it is able to disseminate its knowledge and expertise, and it collaborates with neighbouring schools to drive up their standards.

The Trust aims to transform how education is delivered in schools across the country by sharing best practice which it has pioneered in its own schools, including innovative teaching methods, such as language immersion, and developing an integrated Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) curriculum in partnerships with business and industry.

As well as setting children up to achieve excellent results in national exams, BET ensures they are given every opportunity to succeed in life. BET staff believe great grades are important – but only one part of the rounded education they offer. They never ‘spoon feed’ students, just so they can do well in exams, they encourage them to be independent individuals who challenge the status quo when the time is right.

Teachers of all subjects use a challenge and project based learning approach to foster this independent and creative thought, which is synonymous with a BET school. Teaching in this way means students apply aspects of the curriculum to real-life situations, rather than simply getting them ready to pass an end of year exam.

BET students are a product of the trust’s ethos: they are game-changers, innovators and leaders. Not only do they achieve good grades but they are never afraid to throw themselves into something new. Students from BET schools may be separated geographically but they are united by their independence of thought, their creative, “can-do” approach and high aspirations.


BET always looks to external partners to add further value to its educational offering. As such, it has developed a number of pioneering partnerships to ensure its curriculum prepares students for life after school.

Selected members of the senior leadership team have mentors who have backgrounds in a variety of industries. By sourcing different opinions from prominent figures outside of education, BET is able to evolve and does not settle on past successes.

BET is one of the leading lights in STEM education. By partnering with companies on its integrated curriculum for teaching STEM subjects, BET is able to provide practical projects for students to work on which mirror real-life work.