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BET is one of the most promising sponsors in the South East. I am looking forward to working with them to help spread their expertise and dynamism across the region.BET is one of the most promising sponsors in the South East.
Dominic Herrington, Regional Schools Commissioner for South London and the South East

Welcome to Bohunt Education Trust

Bohunt Education Trust (BET), a community of education professionals whose approach is one which combines the highest expectations with a sensitivity to learners’ individual needs, concentrates on maintaining the very best standards of learning and teaching and takes every opportunity to recognise and reward achievement. Our ethos is encapsulated by three simple words: enjoy, respect and achieve.

Through the highest quality of leadership, an emphasis on collaboration and strong engagement with the communities we serve our small, local group of schools enable their students to enjoy their learning, respect themselves and each other and achieve outstanding results.

BET is ambitious. Beyond running its individual schools highly successfully, it aims to transform how education is delivered across the country by sharing best practice, which it has pioneered in its own schools. Information on some of those initiatives can found by clicking on the tabs below. I look forward to welcoming you to one of our schools in the future; welcome to the Bohunt ERA.

Neil Strowger, CEO of the Bohunt Education Trust